Orchard Park Community Primary School

Comments made via a Parent Questionnaire issued February 2019:


"Learning is brilliant, teachers are amazing and positive."


"... My daughter comes to and from school happy and confident every day.  I feel this is because this school encourages children to be the best version of themselves".


"... This school encourages students to achieve their best.  It is a good environment for children to learn.  The Headteacher and Teachers know every single child".


"It is a very caring environment.  The senior leadership team are very professional, friendly and approachable, they are able to deal with issues and challenges very quickly.  The Teachers bring out the best in the children and do all they can to boost any areas that need improving ... ".


"It is a very caring environment.  All the children are known individually.  Teachers are kind.  The facilities are excellent.  Great diversity of culture, language and family background.  A really great neighbourhood school."


"We love Orchard Park.  Please maintan your nurturing and pastoral care."


"Younger children are nurtured and guided with warmth."


" ... So once again, please let the Nursery Team know how grateful I am for all of their hard work and support.  My son has turned into a different child since he started at OP and I am so pleased ... Thank you once again to you and your fab team." - February 2018


"Please can you pass on my congratulations and thanks to the Nursery Team.  They are doing exceptionally excellent work, as exemplified by the wonderful Ice Day today.  Even the quick look I had when dropping off my son, showed impressive planning and preparation.  I would like Mrs Gilhart and her team to know that their hard work does not go unnoticed." - January 2018


"We absolutely love Orchard Park school, our child has had a great start at the nursery and I think you all do such a fantastic job. The school has a lovely community feel." - June 2017


"We love this school!  Thank you." - Sept 2016


"Best school around that I know of.  The school is just as concerned for parents as it is the childrens' welfare.  Spot on I'd say!" - Sept 2016


"I am very proud of my son.  His move back to Orchard Park has enabled him to progress in all areas of his education.  He is enjoying school.  Thanks to all at Orchard Park." - July 2016


The Butterfly Class were sitting eating ice lollies whilst on a school trip at the seaside.  An elderly woman stopped and said "As a retired teacher, I would like to say how well behaved your children are.  They are a real credit to the school. They look angelic sitting there." - July 2016


"Thank you so much for creating such a lovely school environment for our children and for giving them these wonderful school memories.  We really do appreciate all the hard work and effort that you do for our children so thank you so much for being their daytime family." - July 2016


“Absolutely love this school.” – Feb 2016


“Thank you for looking after our children.” - Feb 2016