Orchard Park has a school uniform and we expect all children to wear it. Parents can purchase school uniform via the online payment system Pay360 Education. After payment, the item of uniform will be sent home with your child. If an item is not in stock it could mean a wait of up to three weeks.




Royal blue school sweatshirt/cardigan available with the school logo or a plain royal blue sweatshirt

White or pale blue polo shirt (also available with the school logo)

White blouse or a white shirt

Grey skirt/pinafore dress or grey trousers

Black shoes


For warmer weather: grey uniform style shorts or blue and white gingham dress






























Clothing for PE



Plain white t-shirt



Navy or black shorts



Tracksuit or jumper/sweatshirt for cold weather



Trainers for outdoor use






Named PE bag



It is important that children have these items in school at all times. PE kit should be brought into school on Monday and taken home on a Friday.


Earrings in School


Children are not allowed to participate in PE if they are wearing jewellery.  This also includes swimming.  National Guidelines state that it is no longer safe to cover earrings with tape.  The reason is because of potential tearing of the earlobe but also the very slim chance that the post of the earring could damage the neck which is where the brachial nerve is running directly to the brain.  There are anecdotal cases of children wearing earrings with plasters over them being hit with a ball and coming off worse with nasty injuries.  For these reasons we ask that, whenever possible, children are not sent to school wearing jewellery (especially on PE days)


Please click here for the school uniform price list.  School uniform is to be ordered via the school online payment system Pay360 Education Payments.


Please click here for the school uniform sizing guide and wash care instructions.


All clothing and other personal items brought to school by children should be clearly marked with your child's name.

School Uniform Photo 2
School Uniform Photo

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