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Please find below copies of school policy documents for you to peruse.


There are two broad groups of policies: Statutory Policies are those that we are expected to have by the Government and Non Statutory Policies which are considered a good idea for setting down our expectations within a specific area.


All policy documents are reviewed, agreed and signed off by the Headteacher and Governing Body.


Anti Bullying Policy (revised September 2015)

Assessment Policy (revised September 2019)

Attendance Policy (revised July 2019)

Behaviour Principles (revised October 2019)

Behaviour Policy (revised September 2019)

Calculation Policy

CCTV Policy (revised Oct 2018)

Charging and Remissions Policy (revised April 2015)

Complaints Policy (revised March 2019)

Complaints Policy Addendum

Data Protection GDPR and Subject Access Request Policy (revised March 2020)

E-Safety Policy (revised 2019)

Education of Care Experienced Children (revised 2020)

First Aid Policy (revised July 2019)

Freedom of Information Policy (revised March 2016)

Homework Policy (September 2020)

Home School Agreement

Inclusion Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education (revised September 2020)

Privacy Notice (revised Sept 2018)

Physical Intervention Policy (revised Nov 2019)

Pupil Premium (revised July 2019)

Public Sector Equality Duty Statement (revised September 2016)

Remote Learning Policy (revised January 2021)

Safeguarding Policy (revised September 2021)

Safeguarding Policy Appendix Covid-19

School Closure Policy (revised February 2015)

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy (revised March 2019)

Security Policy (revised January 2017)

Sex & Relationships Education Policy (revised April 2021)






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