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A place where children are empowered to reach their full potential, with the highest possible aspirations and passion for learning. With values and respect, our children are confident to move from our nurturing environment to explore and succeed in the wider world.


Welcome to Grasshoppers class! Grasshoppers is the first stage of the children’s Key Stage 2 journey. Throughout the year, we promote children’s personal growth and work hard to build the children’s confidence and enthusiasm for challenges. Children are encouraged to become independent learners to meet high expectations across the whole curriculum.

Year 3 is an exciting time, as children’s experiences across the curriculum are extended. In the autumn term, pupils have their first opportunity to take part in swimming lessons, learning this essential life skill. In music, Grasshoppers begin their instrumental tuition and learn to play the recorder. By the end of the year, they will be able to play a range of pieces by a variety of artists. Another exciting curriculum area, which is introduced in Year 3, is modern languages. Throughout the year, the children will explore French language and culture and learn core vocabulary to form the foundations to be built upon across their time in Key Stage 2.

Additionally, pupils have the opportunity to experience incredible trips to enhance their learning experience and create life-long memories. Some of these trips include a visit to Wandlebury Country Park, the Olympic Park and a punting tour around Cambridge.

We cover many exciting and engaging topics throughout the year including:

  • Around the world
  • Stonking Stone Age
  • Revolting Roald Dahl
  • Rotten Romans
  • Captivating Cambridge
  • The Human Machine
Mrs MacColl
Mrs MacColl
Mrs Steggles
Mrs Steggles

Long Term Overview

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Knowledge Organisers

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Key Documents

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