Orchard Park Community Primary School

A place where children are empowered to reach their full potential, with the highest possible aspirations and passion for learning. With values and respect, our children are confident to move from our nurturing environment to explore and succeed in the wider world.


Welcome to Ladybirds class! In Ladybirds we encourage and promote meaningful learning through play. Our learning journey begins with exploring and understanding the basic skills needed for effective learning. Activities in Reception are carefully planned and organised, using the seven areas of learning (communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, literacy, mathematics, understanding of the world and expressive arts and design) in order to provide a range of experiences. We provide indoor and outdoor opportunities with a literacy driven curriculum that ignites children’s imagination. The classroom environment enriches the learning and allows the children to discover their interests in the wider world.

Throughout the EYFS, children will be working towards the Early Learning Goals. These learning goals describe the level of attainment expected at the end of your child’s Reception year in school. We ensure that children get as many opportunities to build their resilience and have the chance to be independent learners.  On a weekly basis, we potter along as woodland explorers on our Welly Walk, where we discover the natural world around us and share our findings with each other.

Planning for each half term is carried out using a topic-based approach, following the children’s interests and responding to specific events. Following the new EYFS framework we provide a rich and engaging curriculum for all under the following themes:

  • Autumn 1 - Super Me
  • Autumn 2 - Magical Monsters
  • Spring 1 - Once Upon a Time
  • Spring 2 - Far and Distant Land
  • Summer 1- Nature Detectives
  • Summer 2 - On the Farm
Mrs Van Tonder
Mrs Van Tonder

Long Term Overview

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Knowledge Organisers

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Key Documents

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