Orchard Park Community Primary School

A place where children are empowered to reach their full potential, with the highest possible aspirations and passion for learning. With values and respect, our children are confident to move from our nurturing environment to explore and succeed in the wider world.


The Governing Body

At Orchard Park we have a committed Governing Body who work closely with the Headteacher in the management of the school and who is responsible for the overall strategic planning of the school.  We hope that you will find the following information about the role of Governors, who they are and how they work, helpful.

The Governing Body has a Chair and Vice Chair.  The full Governing Body meets at least twice a term with additional meetings to discuss individual matters.  The Governors work through two committees:  School Effectiveness and Resources, each have their own Chair.  The Governors work closely with the Headteacher to support the school and drive improvement.

We have 13 Governors appointed at Orchard Park and 3 vacancies.  These are made up of:

1 Headteacher

1 Local Authority Governor

2 Elected Parent Governors

7 Co-opted Governors (of which 2 can be members of staff)

1 Elected Staff Governor

1 Clerk to Governors


The members of our Governing Body are:

Miss Stacey Harper - Headteacher - Staff Governor

Mrs Lucy Steggles - Deputy Headteacher - Co-opted Governor

Miss Jessica Taylor - Teaching Staff - Elected Staff Governor



Janice Fuller - Governor - Chair of Full Governing Body


​I have been a Community (or co-opted) Governor since June 2015. I am looking forward to playing a part in the further evolution of the school after the excellent start it has made within the local community. I have been very impressed by the friendly and colourful atmosphere of the school which provides a positive environment for learning, where our enthusiastic staff can guide pupils to fulfil their potential.


Revd Chris Lowe - Co-opted Governor

I have been a Governor for the past 7 years.  I'm the vicar of St John's Church which meets here at the school on Sundays.  I live in Orchard Park (50 metres from the school gate!), love this community and want to see it flourish.  I am on the School Effectiveness Committee and amongst the governors I take the lead on achievement and progress data.  It's a privilege to be involved in such a vibrant school, so clearly committed to seeing children and young people thrive.  



Lewis Meek - Parent Governor


I work in the Human Resources department at the University of Cambridge and I have a degree in HR, which ought to be helpful as a parent governor. I'm already on the board of a small charity as the treasurer therefore I am familiar with the kind of duties involved in being a school governor. Our family has really enjoyed becoming part of the school community over the last couple of years, and we value how diverse and welcoming it is.


Scott Parsley - Parent Governor


I believe in encouraging children to choose and pursue their own goals.  I am a Software Manager for Siemens, giving me an insight into the skills and knowledge needed in the software industry. Technology has become an integral part of our lives and the workplace and I would like to help promote this in our school curriculum.  I will bring to the governor role the knowledge I have gained in project management, reporting, team leadership and recruitment.


Andrew Chan - Co-opted Governor


 Details to follow shortly.

Elaine O'Brien - Co-opted Governor

I’ve lived in Cambridge over 20 years and work in the Life Sciences sector.  I've held various senior leadership roles globally and have post-graduate qualifications in business administration and entrepreneurship. 
I volunteered to be a School Governor to support the work of brilliant teaching staff who make such an impact to young people’s lives every day.  I'm delighted to work with Orchard Park and share the passion to create an environment where children have the best opportunities to thrive. 
I am the link governor for Finance and take particular interest in the mental health and wellbeing of staff and pupils.  

Sinead Corcoran - Co-opted Governor


I was delighted to be co-opted to the Board of Governors in November 2021. I am a qualified Solicitor living in Cambridge with 5+ years' experience advising charities, education institutions and other not for profits on a range of legal matters, including contractual and commercial arrangements, collaborations, governance, regulatory requirements, land arrangements, structuring, and general charity law. I also have previous experience working with children through school mentoring programmes.

I am the Link Governor for Safeguarding and enjoy working with the dedicated school team and board to support a safe and positive environment for children to develop and flourish.

Jennifer Hefti - Clerk to Governors

I have held the role as Clerk to Governors with Orchard Park since September 2013. I currently work for three other local primary schools and one early years setting. The Clerk is the constitutional conscience of the Governing Body. I have a keen interest in primary and early years education and so enjoy supporting the Governors in their work to drive school improvement and uphold the ethos of the school.

Governors' Details and Register of Interests 2021 - 2022

Current Governors 

Full Name Category of Governor Appointing Body (in accordance with the Instrument of Government) Date of Initial Appointment Current Term of Office Positions of Responsibility (eg chair or vice-chair of the GB or Committee of the GB) Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests Governance roles in any other educational establishments Relationship between Governors and members of the school staff (including spouses, partners or relatives)
Miss Stacey Harper  Ex-officio  Governing Body  1.5.2015   Duration of Employment none  none  none  none 
Vacancy  LA Governor   Governing Body             
Rev. Christopher Lowe  Co-opted   Governing Body  14.9.2012   17.9.19 - 16.9.23  Attendance, Data and assessment lead, Headteacher and staff performance management  Church of England minister - Use of school space  none  none  
Elaine O’Brien   Co-opted   Governing Body  16.11.2021   15.11.2025  Finance, HTPR  none  none   none 
Mrs Janice Fuller   Co-opted   Governing Body  28.4.2015  17.9.19 - 16.9.23  Chair of GB, Discipline and Grievance Committee, Health and Safety link  none  none  none 
Miss Jessica Taylor  Staff  Election  1.10.2019  30.9.2023  n/a  none  none  none 
Sinead Corcoran  Co-opted  Governing Body  16.11.2021   15.11.2025  Safeguarding  none  none  none 
Mrs Lucy Steggles Co-opted Governing Body 3.5.2022 2.5.26 n/a none  none none
Mr Andrew Chan   Co-opted  Governing Body  12.2.2019  11.2.2023   Catch up link Discipline and Grievance Committee  none   none  none 
Mr Lewis Meek  Parent Governor  Election  1.12.2019  30.11.2023  Pupil Premium named governor, SEND, LAC  none  none  none 
Mr Scott Parsley  Parent Governor  Election  4.12.2018  3.12.2022  SDP Subject leadership link  none  none   none  
Mrs Lynsey Rolfe (no voting rights)  Associate Member  GB  16.11.2021  15.11.2022  n/a  none   none  none  
Vacancy  Co-opted               
Vacancy  Co-opted               
Vacancy  Co-opted               

Previous Governors Served over the past 12 months.

Full Name Category of Governor Appointing Body (in accordance with the Instrument of Government) Date of Appointment Date Stepped down Committees Governor Served on Positions of Responsibility (eg chair or vice-chair of the GB or Committee of the GB) Relevant Business/Pecuniary Interests Governance roles in any other educational establishments Relationship between Governors and members of the school staff (including spouses, partners or relatives)
Miss Jessica Bond  Co-opted   Governing Body  29.9.2020  6.7.2021  n/a Finance, Headteacher performance management  none  none  none 
Mrs. Michelle Davies  Co-opted   Governing Body  1.12.2011 17.9.2019 - 16.9.2023  6.7.2021  n/a Safeguarding and Behaviour lnk  none  none  none 
Pooja Anand  Co-opted   Governing Body  21.1.2020   16.11.2021  n/a none  none  none  none 
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Full Governing Body Meeting Dates 2021 - 2022

Tuesday 5th October 2021

Tuesday  16th November 2021

Tuesday 14th December 2021

Tuesday 1st February 2022

Tuesday 8th March 2022

Tuesday 22nd March 2022

Tuesday 3rd May 2022

Tuesday 14th June 2022

Tuesday 5th July 2022


If you would like to contact the Governors you can either write to:  

The Chair of Governors, c/o Orchard Park CP School or if your letter is of a non-confidential nature, you can email via the school email address:  office@orchardpark.cambs.sch.uk.


The minutes of the Governors' meetings are available to all parents.  Please enquire at the School Office if you wish to read them.